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November 19-21, 2019 Bangkok, Thailand

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The Fourth Industrial Revolution life has already had an overwhelming impact on our daily lives. The most widely discussed topic is the Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence has the capability of self-learning and analyzing big data and make serious judgement without emotional interact. Our lifestyle and choices we make are quietly influenced by the applications of Artificial Intelligence. For example, the movie you want to watch, the restaurant you are going to, the food you want to buy, etc. When everything in your life is no longer entirely up to you, we are closely integrated with another “Artificial World”.

As every industry, every class down to every individual is involved in this generation of 4IR and the world of Artificial Intelligence, in view of the advent of this new type of life, HEF, which will be held from November 19-21, 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand, is bringing the world's scholars, professionals, academics and more who are interested in the field of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and AI together in the field across engineering, natural sciences and social sciences to share ideas and experience, and discuss various subjects and developments.

Special Session: Artificial Intelligence is changing the world: What are the impacts and challenges?

We know that robots are taking over thousands of routine tasks and will eliminate many low-skill jobs in advanced economies and developing countries. At the same time, technology is creating opportunities, paving the way for new and altered jobs, increasing productivity, and improving the delivery of public services. When we consider the scope of the challenge to prepare for the future of work, it is important to understand that many children currently in primary school will work in jobs as adults that do not even exist today.” ——The World Development Report (WDR) 2019

“The World Development Report (WDR) 2019: The Changing Nature of Work “published by The World Bank studies how the nature of work is changing as a result of advances in technology today, including what governments, companies, educational institution individuals would confront as AI (artificial intelligence) is changing our world.

Here are the discussions: What distinguishes human resources from robots and what makes us irreplaceable? What advantages and impacts will AI bring to traditional industries and how should companies transfer? What are the urgent priorities and new methods of education? What are the other influences and challenges? Papers of research findings to the topic are welcome to submit. Please select the topic as “Special Session” while submission.

Local Host

  • Dr. Mayura Soonwera
  • Dr.Mayura Soonwera is professional entomologist and an Associate Professor of the Department of Plant Production Technology, Faculty of Agricultural Technology, King Mongkut’s Institute ofTechnology Ladkraband (KMITL),Thailand. She has more than 70 high impact factor publicationsindifferent international journals and conferences . She has got five research patents in herbal pediculicides for head lice(Pediculus humanus capitis : Phthiraptera) treatments.Read more
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Keynote Speaker

  •  Dr. Bob Barrett
      •  Dr. Bob Barrett is a Full Professor in the School of Business at the American Public University. His research interests   include online learning, disability, teacher training, knowledge management, forensic human resource development   methodology and analysis, and intellectual capital.  He has spoken extensively in Europe, South America, and Asia on   online learning, knowledge management, and intellectual capital. Also, he has written for several international   publications, as well as served as a reviewer for several international publications.  Finally, he has a strong  interest in   helping to build bridges for more cultural awareness and education to help change the workforce of today and   tomorrow.Read more
  • Topics: 21st Century Education: Have we learned to Change from Gatekeepers to Guardians of Learning Instead?


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