2019 Keynote Speaker

Dr. Bob Barrett

Full Professor in the School of Business at the American Public University

He has an Ed.D. in the field of Human Resource Development from The George Washington University in Washington, DC.

Introduction of  Dr. Bob Barrett

Dr. Bob Barrett is a Full Professor in the School of Business at the American Public University.  He has an Ed.D. in the field of Human Resource Development from The George Washington University in Washington, DC. He has been teaching online for the past eighteen years, as well as being a teacher/trainer, course developer, and state licensed business educator. His research interests include online learning, disability, teacher training, knowledge management, forensic human resource development methodology and analysis, and intellectual capital.  He has spoken extensively in Europe, South America, and Asia on online learning, knowledge management, and intellectual capital. Also, he has written for several international publications, as well as served as a reviewer for several international publications.  Finally, he has a strong interest in helping to build bridges for more cultural awareness and education to help change the workforce of today and tomorrow.

TOPICS: 21st Century Education: Have we learned to Change from Gatekeepers to Guardians of Learning Instead?


While many companies and educational institutions struggle to compete against others in their industry, have they forgotten their real “stakeholders” or human capital/learning capital?  Have we learned anything from previous administrations, mistakes made, and/or failed attempts to make changes in our own environment?  I think we have, but many are misdirected under misleading leadership and management – so now is the time for educators to unite, strategize, and implement immediate changes in their way of thinking, teaching, and learning.  Why not start now and be an example, rather than follow an example.  We, as educators, need to be less of a gatekeeper or the “keeper of secrets”, but rather we are now empowered as the “Guardians of Learning”.  As the title implies – we need to make sure that learning is happening and used new and innovate/creative ways to impart learning, measure it, and evaluate how we can make future changes.   However, not all educators may be “energized” to make change, so this is the day we make things happen and not just write down a “to do list” – we make it happen.  Our new living mantra needs to be “Learning is for now and I am part of it”.  As we begin this eventful journey at the commencement of this conference, we can make a difference.  There are three questions for all of us to reflect on during this conference and afterwards.  First, are we truly doing what we want to do as educators or just maintaining a job for future retirement?  Second, when was the last time you had a “teachable moment” or the famous “Aha moment”? Third, could you tell whether your students truly did learn from you or just from reading on their own?  If we can honestly answer all three questions, we will have a foundation from which to build our future teaching expectations and strategies as we embark on our journey as the Guardians of Learning and focus the directions of learners towards a brighter future for themselves and for our society.  We must keep in mind that we play a bigger role and function than most professions, because we impact the learning element of many in our society – whether they continue to participate in the learning process or wait until later to return back to it.  Nonetheless, our guidance, mentorship, leadership, and management functions and roles will impact many – so what do you want your teaching legacy to read – if it were printed in 10 years about what you have accomplished or strived to accomplish?

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