Annual Conference on Management and Social Science

August 09-11, 2016, Hawaii, USA

Keynote Speech


How To Teach And Still Do Research Despite (budgetary, bureaucratic, cultural, political or even technological) Constraints


Dr. Joy Kamakamaewailani Rodriguez

Foreign Language Professor

Beijing Forestry University


Peking University

Summary of Keynote Speech

Though many ConversationsCamp topics had to be modified and most of my original multi-media content was incompatible with China’s social media alternatives, the core curriculum was strong enough to retain its integrity and overall teaching effectiveness.
So, by implementing the SCAN plan, I was, objectively, able to identify workable solutions for “teaching” my multi-media curriculum, while still remaining ethically, politically, culturally, technologically, and administratively compliant.
I took an honest inventory of the (S)ituation/Scenario, then identified my immediate (C)hallenges/Constraints; I actively sought (A)lternatives, which included using China’s social media options, and explored (N)etworks which included strategic alliances with both Foreign and Chinese resources with whom to leverage solutions.
In conclusion, this paper will share that though Life is full of challenges, they need not be insurmountable, if you’re working with the SCAN plan; which presupposes that every problem has a solution if you know where to look and how to find it.
Remember that “if one door closes on you, another will open … and that you can’t, academically, “make a difference” with “complacency”.


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